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General information

The 12th International Coastal Symposium (ICS2013) will be held 8-12 April 2013 in Plymouth, England. The symposium will be organised by the Coastal Processes Research Group at Plymouth University, under the auspices of The Coastal Education & Research Foundation and the Journal of Coastal Research (CERF-JCR). The University is located in the middle of the city within easy walking distance of hotels and restaurants, and within a 15 minute stroll from the water front. The plenary sessions, poster sessions, coffee/tea breaks, buffet lunch and evening drinks will all take place in four adjoining buildings (Portland Square, Sherwell, Davy and Rolle) on the Plymouth University campus.

Prawle Point, one of the field trip destinations

Plymouth is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city located in the southwest of England and is graced with a setting amongst the finest in Europe. Plymouth is the city that shaped lives of Drake, Darwin, and many more who set sail from her harbour with a burning spirit of discovery. Today, her maritime heritage has blended with contemporary culture to create a city with a strong international tradition offering the best in entertainment, nightlife and shopping. The city's modern pedestrianized centre - right next door to the campus - has all the usual high street shops as well as bars, cafes, clubs and restaurants. In contrast, the Barbican area is one of the oldest parts of Plymouth, where narrow Elizabethan streets house small quirky shops, art galleries, bars and the Gin Distillery, world famous for its unique gin since 1793. Opposite the Barbican stands one of the best and most modern scientific exhibitions in Europe: the National Marine Aquarium.